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JOOLA is a very famous name in the field of table tennis equipment manufacturer and dealer. Launched in 1950, JOOLA is among one the top sports Brands, which has been sponsored for many famous sports tournaments worldwide including the Olympics and US Open.

JOOLA Tour has got very good ratings among the range of table tennis table, let look what good features it has –

JOOLA Tour Models-

JOOLA Tour is the series of Table Tennis Table, which comes in different models. The JOOLA Tour Series has three models.

  • First is JOOLA Tour 1500, it has 15 mm thickness of the surface.
  • Second is the JOOLA Tour 1800 which has 18 mm of thickness. The size decides the quality of bounce of the ball during shots, so lower thickness provides less bounce for the ball.
  • The third is JOOLA Tour 2500 which has a maximum size of thickness; 25 mm, among the three models.

JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis with Competition Net and Post

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JOOLA Tour 2500 Review and Buyer guide

Easy Assembled – The table comes as 95% assembled which only takes 10 to 15 minutes to get ready to play.  you would only have to stand it on its leg and start to play.

The Net – The quality of the tournament-grade net is best with easy to attach and remove designed. The net and the post set that you can attach with the table by a clamp.

The net is quite adjustable that you can make it according to various standards.

The surface – The dimension of the surface is 9×5 which is a regular size. The thickness is available in three sizes of 15, 18 and 25 mm. The 25mm; 1 inch is the ideal size.

The surface is made from MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard, the surface is painted with blue color which is a multi-layer colored with provides perfect bounce to the ball.

The Frame –  The surface holder frame has 50 mm thickness for 25 mm surface – The official size for any tournament.

The frame provides a great base for surface and good support for the table. The corners of it are safe for any kind of injury to players. The frame is made with black coated steel which makes both sides of the table easy foldable.

After folding the table it will take a very small place to keep safe.

Wheelers –  Tour 2500 has a total of eight wheels each of 4 inches, four wheels in each half side. The wheels are larger than its previous version and have a lock system that it has become more convenient to move and keep stable.

The main legs are height adjustable and The very bottom of the legs has rubber surface.

Key Points of JOOLA Tour 2500 –

  • Standard surface thickness
  • Good Adjustable frame
  • Easy to on and off with adjustable folding legs
  • Practice alone – if you want to practice alone then you can fold one half of it very easily and use it as a wall in front of you.
  • More strong wheels
  • Storage dimension – 24.5” x 62.25 x 64”
  • USATT approved model

The only problem you could face with it that, it is very heavy – Around 114 Kg ( 250 Ibs ).

Overall it is a good table tennis table for real match practice. It will cost you under $700, comparable less to other table tennis tables as they cost $1000.

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