ESPN ping pong table reviews


When it comes to ESPN Ping Pong table, it is considered to be the professional one and foldable where you can purchase it at an affordable price. This amazing table tennis table is built perfectly and it is very well known for its quality products. The ESPN is mainly popular for its sports components that manufacture the brand which always grab the attention for its great quality. At the same time, it also has the appealing look that offers the professional playing surface with great finish.

Generally, it comes up with blue colored top playing surface in order to achieve the durable and also offering the elegant look. The edge of the table is mainly having a frame whereas the corners are highly covered with the corner caps for the best level of safety.

Best ESPN Ping Pong tables review:

Important features of ESPN ping pong table

It is also essential for the people to know some of the features before purchasing from the market. Let’s have a look at some of the features.

  • This table has 3 inches caster that makes its more portable
  • The available of casters help to lock in order to stop the motion of table
  • It is said to be the four foldable pieces that is it can be separated and folded into a suitcase style portable unit
  • The quality of product is looking standard

These are some of the features where one can expect it from this product. However, there is also a chance of experiencing some more features for sure. All you can purchase it affordable price. 

Specifications of ESPN Ping Pong table 

It is always crucial for the people to know about some of the specifications that involved in this table. However, one should know that this table is mainly coming up for the professions with a number of features which are mentioned above. The durability, as well as the stability to the table is mainly offered by the aprons which are installed in this table. Once the installation is done, getting into that the table mainly erect on the legs where the height of the table is just 30 inches. It is suitable for the ping pong table.


  • When compared to others, the price range is reasonable and it suits your budget as well
  • It is considered to be the high economical when it comes to the professionals and learners
  • ESPN brand mainly offers the product that suits the budget which is worth for your money


  • The assembly of the components is said to be the disadvantage of this table
  • Also, it will take more time when it comes to assembling with the parts of this ping pong table

Final words 

If you are searching for the affordable price ping pong table to purchase, then ESPN brand offered the best product where you can buy. With some exciting features, it delivers the best and worth your money for sure. At the same time, the table is considered to be the great value in all the way.


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