Best Poker Tables Reviews

Poker is a famous indoor game which combines different kinds of card games. The fun part of any indoor game is about generating excitement. The game should have the capability of keeping you engaged and that is the aspect poker wins the hearts of many. This game is played in a family gathering as well as in casinos or club. It combines the strategy of the players, different skills like attention and concentration.

If you wish to play the game at your household and want to entertain your guests at a family gathering with the opportunity of playing poker, then a table is needed for this purpose.

You can host a poker game party at home after you invest in a good poker table. Earlier the poker tables were seen and used only in the casinos, but now the game has intruded in the households. Now the online portals are offering you variations of poker tables and their benefits and downsides are also described there. The wide array of poker tables coming from different brands may have been successful in confusing you. So we are here to shed some light on the pros and cons of the regular branded tables and their unique features.

Best Poker Tables Reviews

The tables that we have liked based on the features and customer choices are listed here, hope this will sort the situation for you:

1. Barrington Texas Poker Table

We would like to start out list with this very own brand of Barrington Texas. The table allows 10 people to play along. The black and blue top surface gives it an eye-grabbing look which will brighten up the corner of your drawing room.

Barrington Charleston Poker Table for 10 Players with Faux Leather Padded Rails and Cup Holders - Black

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • The felt top of the table makes the gaming experience comfortable.
  • The inlaid LED lights make the gaming easy when it is the night time.
  • The table is wide enough to make 10 people sit in the table.
  • The table can be stored in the house without much hazard. Comfort and compactness make the table a favourite choice. This is not a heavyweight table and there will be no complaint regarding the breakage.
  • The padded rails of the table make the players rest their elbows comfortably.
  • The cup holder in the Barrington Poker Table makes the drinking while playing poker an option for the players. This separated holder to keep the goblets keeps the table surface free from the sweats that come from the glasses of drinks.
  • There is a 30 days refund guarantee on this table from the manufacturers if you are not fully satisfied after using the table.


  • LED lights
  • Easily folded
  • Compact
  • Sturdy
  • Felt covered rail
  • Cup holder for goblets


  • Assembly not easy

2. Texas Holdem Poker Table

After Barrington, the brand Texas offers the very best Poker Table. This US made one is handcrafted and the material used for this poker table is high class.

Trademark Texas Hold'em Poker Padded Table Top with Cupholders

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • The storage of the Holder Poker table from Texas is easy as the legs can be unhinged and thus the storage is also much easy.
  • The top is made from solid wood. It is quite durable.
  • The playing surface is availed from diamond suited poker speed cloth. This feature makes the table casino standard.
  • The surface is long-lasting as it is spill-proof and stylish in look.
  • There are stainless steel cup holders, which is a convenient feature.
  • The table looks and feels classy, and is sure to add some smart look into your house interior.
  • There is comfortable armrest for the player which is padded and that is where you will be able to hold your arms while playing poker. This part is covered with black vinyl and is made of high-density foam.
  • The table comes in two boxes. The top and the legs are shipped separately. If the whole package does not come in a single day, then you have to wait for a few days to get the whole thing assembled.
  • The table is durable and of course, you will be happy to use the poker table for years to come.


  • Speed felt
  • Easy card slide
  • Strong padding
  • Great packaging
  • Eight seats
  • Octagonal shape


  • Cup holders not large

3. ESPN Premium Poker Table

A decent poker table with good price is what ESPN has to offer to the Poker table buyers. This is of solid quality and looks nice on your household interior.

ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table With LED Lights

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • The LED light featured in this poker table makes it lit in the darkness of night. It allows you to play the game of poker in darkness conveniently.
  • The steel cup holder makes the player sip on his or her coffee while playing the game. This is a nice feature to save the tabletop from stains of glasses and cups.
  • The playfield is moderately thick and premium padded. This padding gives you maximum comfort while you enjoy the game.
  • The padded armrest in the unit makes the player rest the arms while playing. You can play for an extended period while you will feel so relaxed and comfortable due to these features.
  • The steel legs of this table are attached with welded steel brackets. This feature makes the table stand strongly and offers durability.
  • The legs are stable enough to hold the weight of the top and it will not fall off suddenly.
  • This table is a bigger sized one comparing to other tables.
  • The oversized table apron is 2 inches wider than the regular-sized table’s apron.


  • Stable legs
  • Durable
  • Steel cup holder attached
  • LED lights for nighttime play
  • No assembly


  • Vinyl rips off easily

4. Rush Creek Creations Poker Table

If you are a seeker of a rustic look, then this poker table from Rush Creek will allure you. This one poker table is special for its durability.

Rush Creek Creations 14 Fishing Rod Rack with 4 Utility Box Storage Capacity & Dual Rod Clips - Features a Sleek Design & Wire Racking System

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • The poker table is made from rustic logwood.
  • It is much more durable than other regular casino tables.
  • The skip-peel finish of the table makes it long-lasting.
  • It is treated with polyurethane and thus it is free from the growth of microorganism.
  • The grooves slots of this table can be used to keep the chips and beverages. You can enjoy a drink while playing the game.
  • The drinks can be kept at a different place and so there will be no issue with the stains on the tabletop.
  • There is a 90 days warranty on the table. So you can get 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the look of the table.
  • The unique octagonal shape of this handcrafted table can be used by 8 people to play the game.
  • This sturdy table is easy to assemble and thus you can have it working within no time.
  • Mat playing surface does not allow any kind of scratches.


  • Mat playing surface
  • 90 days warranty
  • Grooved slots
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Beautiful rustic look
  • Allows 8 players


  • Not much spacious

5. HOMCOM Deluxe Foldable Poker Game Tabletop

This tabletop from HOMCOM can easily allow 8 people to seat and play poker. This is the first tabletop we are discussing here, which is not a full-sized table.

HOMCOM 35" 4-Player Mahjong Game Portable Folding Table for Poker Dominoes Card with Cup and Coin Holders

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • This table can accommodate 8 poker players with ease.
  • The octagonal shape of the table is nice to be kept at home. The players can seat comfortably due to this design.
  • The soft felt surface of the table makes the players comfortable and they do not feel tired or irritated while playing for long hours. There is no chance of sliding the table cloth or moving the cards, thanks to the texture of felt on the tabletop.
  • The thickened board of the tabletop stay stably and thus your game will not be disturbed due to the sliding of the table sheet. The smooth and soft touch of the top is soothing.
  • There are 8 cup holders for the corresponding players. You and your guests will enjoy the drinks while playing.
  • There is a chip tray which is conveniently designed to hold the chips. The size is just right for the chips and it keeps the desktop clutter-free.
  • The table is much easy to carry and thus can be called portable.
  • Easy storage and transport are possible with the help of carrying bag.
  • This table can be folded and so it is perfect for poker, Blackjack, Mahjong and such games.


  • Good quality
  • Nice storage in a bag
  • Good price
  • Sturdy
  • Smooth felt tabletop
  • Compact


  • Flimsy trays

6. IDS Poker Table

IDS is a brand which is actually created by a group of friends and family. They actually tried to create something that will act like a poker table and will fit a smaller space. This oval-shaped poker table is the outcome and it has already been loved by the players.

IDS Online Folding Poker Table 10 Players Poker Table Texas Hold'em, Red

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • The narrow and space-saving design is combined with the oval shape, which is a sign of great craftsmanship.
  • The look of the table is sturdy, and you can expect many years of longevity from this product.
  • It can accommodate 10 players for a game of poker which is great.
  • The 10 inbuilt stainless steel cup holders are great and it offers you the facility of holding the cup inside it, without dampening the tabletop while playing the game.
  • Casino quality materials are used in this table to get you a table that is high in standard. A contemporary look with a touch of style is what the brand has to offer.
  • The sturdy table is a combination of wooden top along with the pedestal-style base. The stainless steel frame of the table is heavy duty and offers strength. No chance of wobbling of the table to irritate you.
  • The playing surface aka tabletop is water-resistant by the use of speed cloth. No-spill or damage can spoil the table.
  • The premium vinyl armrest is spread all over the table to provide you with ample comfort while playing the game.


  • Accommodate 10 players
  • Pedestal style feet
  • Stainless steel cup holder
  • Oval shape to fit narrow space
  • Faux leather armrest with vinyl cover
  • Water-resistant surface


  • Not very wide

7. Fat Cat Folding Texas Poker table

This is a casino or poker table that can accommodate at least 10 players and they will have ample space to sit and play comfortably.

Fat Cat Tri-Fold Poker Game Table Top with Cushioned Rail

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • The price is comparatively low and that is a great point for a table for 10.
  • The strong metal legs are reinforced in the structure. It ensures that the table will stand strongly without flopping suddenly.
  • There is a cup holder on the table to hold your drink while playing.
  • The casino-grade green felt surface make and feel it like you are playing in one of the high-grade casinos.
  • The surface is card and dice friendly too.
  • The water-resistant cushion rail is a stylish addition and it offers comfort to the arms of the players.
  • The legs are lightweight along with being sturdy, so the table is portable and it does not weigh much.


  • 10 cup holders on the rails
  • Green felt tabletop
  • Good for holding dices and cards
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy legs


  • Not very long-lasting

8. Brybelly 10 Player Casino Poker Table

This table is beautiful in its red felt tabletop. The product from Brybelly will attract you with its sheer good look and functionality.

10-Player Casino Poker Game Table with Red Felt, Stainless Steel Cup Holders, & Dark Wooden Race Track by Brybelly

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • The wooden racetrack of dark wood veneer makes it a premium product.
  • The two foldable legs will make the table secure from flopping or wobbling during the play session or in the storage.
  • The storage is done skilfully and you can carry it to any place packed in your luggage.
  • There is a vinyl rail that has the extra thick foam padding. Here the players can comfortably rest their arms without feeling tired or annoyed due to long game sessions.
  • Padding is reinforced in the playing section. The bouncing of chips is prevented this way.
  • The tabletop area is wide enough to have ample elbow place and thus there will be less chance of mess or friction.
  • The thick and robust board of tabletop, amalgamated legs and frame adjusted with long screws make it a long-lasting poker table.
  • The durable table is abuse-resistant and can stay put after long and rough hours of playing. The extra strong playing surface gives the rigidity which makes the table stand out from its competitors.


  • Beautiful red felt tabletop
  • Stainless steel cup holders
  • Foldable legs give strength
  • Rail foam cushion can be cleaned
  • Value for money


  • No speed cloth on tabletop

9. Fairview Poker and Dining Table

This one is made of gorgeous wood and that is why it looks super attractive. This table has multipurpose use. You can use it for poker session as well as a dining table.

54" Combination Game Table Set w/ 4 Chairs (Mahogany)

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • There are bumper pool accessories available with this table which is unique feature.
  • The carved legs of the table make it look much stylish.
  • You can use the table for poker, dining or Bumper pool.
  • The leg levellers of the table can make it stand on any uneven surface.
  • You can remove the poker wood tabletop and it will make a gorgeous dining table.
  • The rich chestnut finish of the table increases the elegance of your household.
  • The playing surface is covered with black felt which makes it look classy.
  • The cup holders are their line with cork. This makes the holders slip-proof and water absorbent.


  • Great price
  • Nice features
  • Multi-purpose
  • Wooden make
  • Glass holders
  • Leg levellers
  • Sophisticated look


  • Heavyweight

10. Polar Aurora Poker Table

This is a collapsible poker table which is the cheapest in the list. Those who wish to get a budget poker table can try this.

BBO Poker Rockwell Poker Table for 10 Players with Black Felt Playing Surface, 94 x 44-Inch Oval

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as of April 5, 2021 11:09 am


  • This one is decently priced and yet this brand did not compromise on the qualities and features.
  • Up to 8 players can use this table for the play, though it can be a little tight.
  • The cup holders through the rail will allow you and other players to sip on coffee or other drinks during the play. This item is just great for hosting a poker party at the comfort of home.
  • The construction of the table is not much strong to last you a lifetime, but a few games with your friends are not a bother. If you are holding parties at regular intervals then just fold the table and store it at a corner of the hall or under your bed. It takes really less space while stored.
  • The wooden frame of the table is solid and is supported by the steel legs.
  • As the steel legs are foldable they support the table and prevent it from wobbling. The support is featured at the centre of the table and thus it offers a stable playing platform.
  • The frame of the table is not suited for everyday use. It will last you longer if you use it occasionally.
  • Manufacturing is possibly best for the price. So if the players stress the table or lean on it too much then the legs may wobble.
  • The padded armrest of this table surrounds the playing zone and offers comfort to the players.


  • Collapsible poker table
  • Cheap price
  • Easy storage
  • 8 players’ accommodation
  • Padded armrest
  • Speed cloth fitted
  • Lightweight


  • Not sturdy
  • Not for professional use


If you use a normal table for the weekly poker game, it will not be able to give you the thrill and excitement of the Poker. If you are an occasional player and wish to host a party to play poker with the friends and colleagues then too, you need a poker table. We have tried to show you which tables are best in the market, and hope that you will be able to choose wisely for your next poker session.



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